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Shop our hijab, shawls, scarves, jubah, baju kurung and kaftans.

Discover our collection of stylish and contemporary modest wear for the modern hijab enthusiast. Explore our range of hijabs, shawls, scarves, jubahs, baju kurungs, and kaftans designed by talented fashion designers.

About Ira by Twenty3

Ira by Twenty3 embraces the elegance of floor-length skirts and sleeves that graze the wrists, paying homage to a time gone by. However, instead of dwelling in the past, these modest garments symbolize a future where women embrace their own strength. Our designers, who have received education from prestigious design schools in London and KL, draw inspiration from the contemporary world they are a part of. They capture the confident tilt of a woman's chin, the graceful arch of her back, and the dign. Use above Ira by Twenty3 Promo Codes and discount codes at to save money! ..Shop

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