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Shop our hijab, shawls, scarves, jubah, baju kurung and kaftans.

Designer modest Muslimah wear for the modern hijabster. Shop our hijab, shawls, scarves, jubah, baju kurung and kaftans.

About Ira by Twenty3

Floor-length skirts and sleeves that graze your wrists are often reminiscent of times past. But instead of harking back to bygone eras, Ira by Twenty3 uses modest garments to hark forward to an age of women harnessing their own strength. To inform their creations, our designers - trained in the best design schools in London and KL - have taken subtle and deceptively simple cues from the modern world they inhabit. The glorious tilt of a woman's chin when she walks tall, the supple arch of a woman's back, the quiet dignity of women of faith, have all played into their vision for structure mixed with softness. The Ira by Twenty3 collection is as much social commentary as it is fast fashion. Whether in the form of a precise hand-drawn print or a luxuriant swish of green in an A-line skirt, there's something riveting about elevating modest fashion to its rightful place as part homage to the goddess in every woman. Here, tradition, grace, and strength collide, coalesce, and blossom on modern women making their way through the world --- a world awakening to a new kind of heritage.. Use above Ira by Twenty3 Promo Codes and discount codes at to save money! ..Shop

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