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Purchase Buffalo Fish Burger for just at $10.40

Get a Buffalo Fish Burger for only $10.40. Promo Code Valid till 2nd June 2024

Pacific Grilled Dory starting $7.60

Long John Silvers offers the delicious Pacific Grilled Dory for a starting price of $7.60. You can customize your meal by choosing a side dish and either a coke or a spirit.

Silver's Students Specials: Fish/chicken combo pack $5.90

Get your hands on a scrumptious fish or chicken cheesy sandwich accompanied by crispy fries and your choice of coke or spirit, all starting at just $5.90!

About Long John Silvers

Since 1983, our seafood restaurant in Singapore has been delighting food enthusiasts with our unique secret batter that gives our dishes an unparalleled taste. Whether you're craving chicken, fish, or seafood, our diverse menu offers something for everyone!. Use above Long John Silvers Promo Codes and discount codes at to save money! ..Shop