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Buy Toy Factory Production-Ti Tou Dao Tickets Starting From $50

Purchase tickets to visit the Toy Factory production starting at $50. Promo Code Valid till 21st July 2024

United Square Shopping Mall is the destination mall for families.

United Square Shopping Mall is the ultimate family destination, offering a unique experience as a Kids Learning Hub. With a focus on fun, play, and learning, United Square is the perfect place for families to come together.

About United Square

Located in Singapore, United Square is a well-liked shopping mall known for its family-friendly atmosphere. It caters to both children and parents, offering an extensive selection of stores that include children's clothing, toys, educational resources, and specialty shops. In addition to its diverse range of stores, United Square also provides various family-oriented services and facilities, such as childcare centers, enrichment classes, and a rooftop garden playground.. Use above United Square Promo Codes and discount codes at to save money! ..Shop